Much of the attention Tesla has received as of late relates to its Model 3 sedan, and for good reason. The highly anticipated budget-minded electric vehicle has already been pre-ordered more than 325,000 times - well beyond what anyone expected.

The Model 3 owes its very existence to the vehicles before it, namely the Model S. Albeit pricey, the four-door sedan proved to the auto industry and consumers that an electric car could offer respectable range from its batteries, deliver incredible performance and look good doing it... at least, on the outside.

Critics of the Model S have cited its lackluster interior as one of the few areas that doesn't quite match up to luxury counterparts from companies like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. It's something Tesla is looking to address, perhaps as early as next week.

Sources from inside the company tell CNET that a series of updates are in the pipeline that'll both simplify manufacturing and add a bit more functionality to the interior.

New options are said to include the seats from the Model X (complete with ventilation) and additional storage compartments including pockets on the doors.

The changes aren't limited to the interior, however, as the nose of the car will also reportedly receive a new look. LED headlights are on the docket, as are additional exterior paint colors.

The publication says the updates will come with a price increase although the amount hasn't yet been revealed.