Following its availability in South Korea, the U.S., and China, Samsung if finally expanding its mobile payments service to Europe, though initially only in Spain. Customers of CaixaBank and ImaginBank who own a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 and their Edge variants, can now download their cards to their phones and start paying at thousands of locations. The service will be available for Abanca and Banco Sabadell customers soon.

On key advantage of Samsung's mobile payments system over the NFC-dependent Apple Pay and Android Pay, is that it is able to work with both NFC terminals and traditional magnetic terminals, which means it is more widely supported by retail chains' existing equipment.

As Android Authority points out, however, the wording on the announcement suggest Samsung Pay may only work with NFC-equipped terminals in Spain. We're not quite sure why Samsung would limit the serve, or if that's even the case.

Samsung hasn't said where it intends to expand to next, but it's likely that other European countries will follow. Rival services Apple Pay and Android Pay are currently available in the U.K. but not any other european territories.