Nintendo’s Power Glove is one of the most iconic accessories in video game history. It made an impressive debut in 1989’s The Wizard but in the real world, it never really had much of a chance as only two games officially supported it (neither was included with the device). Ultimately, it was written off as a massive flop.

In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence of the Power Glove – not as a gaming accessory, but for completely unique tasks. Dillon Markey, for example, uses a modified Power Glove to assist with stop-animation in Robot Chicken.

The latest example of a repurposed Power Glove, however, may be the most impressive yet.

As you’ll see in the video above from Hackaday, Nolan Moore rigged up a Power Glove to control a quadcopter. According to the description, the AR Drone 2.0 uses Wi-Fi for control while the glove features an IMU to sense motion and flex sensors in the fingers. The sensors are monitored by a Teensy LC board which then sends commands wirelessly using an ESP8266 module. Very cool... or as Lucas would say, "it's so bad."

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