Have you ever wished you could blast powerful lasers out of your eyes like Cyclops? Well, it's not going to happen. But if you're willing to put your personal safety at risk, you could always try the next best thing: the "Cyclops Visor."

Built by YouTuber "Sufficiently Advanced," the contraption is essentially a small flamethrower attached to a welding helmet. It may not fire the kind of beam used by the X-men member, but it will still blast a flame to a distance of around ten feet.

The device works by shooting a mixture of acetone, methanol, and strontium chloride through the peristaltic pump of a Nerf Thunderstorm water pistol. Sufficiently Advanced said he used red Tikki Torch fuel in some of the clips, which burns redder but costs more than the home brew.

When the pump is triggered using the mechanism on the side of the helmet, the fluid flies out and is ignited by the pilot lights. These twin shafts of flame travel a fair distance in front of the wearer and can be directed with quite a bit of accuracy.

People shouldn't try to create a Cyclops Visor of their own, obviously. Not only could the reduced vision cause problems, but having that much flammable liquid attached to your head is rarely a good idea. Should something go wrong, you could end up looking more like Ghost Rider than Cyclops.

Sufficiently Advanced has created other superhero-themed items that don't come with the risk of killing users. He made Thor's "Mjolner" hammer that only he could pick up, thanks to a combination of a powerful electromagnet and fingerprint reader.

Another YouTuber famed for creating items used by comic book characters is The Hacksmith, who made headlines last month with his fantastic Captain America shield.