For a game that’s nearly three years old, Grand Theft Auto V still looks remarkably modern. That said, father time has taken its toll as the game no longer has the ability to take your breath away as the original did in 2013 (or even the polished PC version that dropped last year) which is something that simply wasn’t acceptable to one modder.

With GTA 5 Redux, modder Josh Romito has seemingly improved on every aspect of the open-world sandbox. As GameSpot notes, the latest trailer showcases two snippets of gameplay footage. Starting near the middle of the clip, we see action taking place on the highway as the sun is setting followed by a downtown sequence while rain pours down.

So, what’s new? The publication highlights improvements to 4K textures, new weather effects and enhanced lighting as well as a host of smaller changes such as altered blood effects, leaves that fall from trees more consistently and individually crafted direct light for every body of water in the game.

The only bad news here is that the mod isn’t quite ready for download. Romito promises to share the launch date in his next video.

In related news, Rockstar Games has revealed the release date for the next major update for GTA Online. Cunning Stunts is exactly as it sounds – an update loaded with zany stunts, tracks, mini-games and other vehicle-related content. Think of it as GTA meets TrackMania. Look for it to drop next Tuesday, July 12.