Most people enjoy the occasional break from important tasks, such as work, to do some pointless internet browsing. But now you can take your procrastination to even higher levels, as Google is letting you play two classic games directly in its search results.

To play solitaire or tic-tac-toe, simply go to Google Search on mobile or desktop and type in the name of either game, which will make it appear above the search results. As it's all done within search, both are pretty bare-bones (not that you could make a very advanced version of tic-tac-toe) but solitaire has a few small features: timer, score, move counter, and two difficulty levels.

Tic-tac-toe lets you pick your symbol and whether you want to play against the AI or a friend. There are three difficulty settings, with an "impossible" level for masochists or anyone who's convinced they'll be able to get the better of a machine.

Google has brought a couple of other ways to waste time into its search. Need to make an important decision but don't have a coin nearby to flip? Just type in "flip a coin" and it'll happen virtually. Additionally, you can now listen to audio of animal noises by typing in "what does a pig sound like?" for example. There aren't very many samples available right now, but more will doubtlessly be added to the list.

While there are hundreds of websites just an extra click away where you can play both games, listen to animal noises, and flip coins, being able to do so without leaving the search results feels surprisingly satisfying and will likely destroy productivity in offices worldwide.