When the Nokia 3310 was released back in the year 2000, it gained a reputation as the Chuck Norris of cell phones. If it were on the Mohs scale of hardness, the 3310 would knock diamond off the top spot. But it seems the more recent Nokia handsets - a Nokia 301 in this instance, first released in 2013 - are just as invincible, with one reportedly saving a man's life by stopping a bullet.

A picture posted on Twitter showed the remains of the Nokia. You can see the back end of the projectile protruding from the rear of the phone, with the tip sticking out of the smashed screen.

The image comes from Peter Skillman, a former Nokia executive who now works for Microsoft as the general manager for user experience at Windows Desktop. He says he worked on the team that originally developed the 301, and claims the sturdy handset's heroics saved a man in Afganistan last week.

Being the internet, questions over the legitimacy of the story have been raised. When asked to provide more information, Skillman said he was handed the phone by co-worker and failed to provide a source; instead, he posted a link to a similar 2012 story of a Nokia X2 that stopped a bullet in Syria.

Skillman's association with Nokia also suggests that all may not be as it seems, but there have been plenty of other reports in the past of mobile phones stopping bullets, including a Nokia Lumia 520 saving a Brazilian police officer's life in 2014 when he was shot by armed thieves.

A shame the person in this instance wasn't carrying a Nokia 3310, as the bullet would have likely rebounded, leaving barely a scratch on the handset.