If you’re like me, it’s not uncommon to have dozens of tabs loaded across multiple displays. While having that many tabs open doesn’t typically present much of a problem, it can be quite taxing if you happen to launch them all at once – especially if you are running dated hardware and / or are lacking in the RAM department.

It’s this very scenario that web browser maker Opera has tackled in its latest release.

Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Global Engineering for Opera, notes in a recent blog post that Opera 41 includes a smarter startup sequence that eliminates a significant amount of wait time when opening multiple tabs at once as demonstrated in the clip above.

It does this by prioritizing which of your previously used tabs are likely to be the most important to you – namely, the ones you had opened most recently. Kolondra says that in tests with more than 42 tabs open in the previous session, startup time can be improved by up to 86 percent.

Elsewhere, when using battery saving mode, Opera 41 can now detect which codec can be hardware-accelerated and will try to choose said codec when video conferencing via WebRTC. The new browser also delivers a fully hardware-accelerated video pop-out. Again, this should reduce the strain put on the CPU and free up resources for other tasks.