We learned a bit more about the features of the upcoming Nintendo Switch recently, such as its 6.2-inch touchscreen and apparent 4GB of RAM. But one of the most important pieces of information, and many people's deciding factor when it comes to buying the console, was still missing: the price. Now, thanks to a couple of international retailers, we've got an idea of what that will be.

Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games reports that UK retailer Game has been notified of the wholesale price for the Switch, and will sell the console for £199.99. The publication writes that Nintendo is planning a direct price conversion, meaning it would sell for around $250 in the US.

There will also be another version of the Switch available that comes with extra internal storage and a bundled game. The upgraded model will cost £249.99, which converts to $311. Game will reportedly be selling the Switch Pro Controllers for £39.99 (around $50) at launch.

That $250 for the base model matches the Switch price on Toy 'R' Us Canada's website. It's selling the unit for 329.99 CAD, which is about $245, so it seems the console will launch around this price range.

If the reports prove accurate, it could see investor confidence return to Nintendo. The company's shares fell 7 percent on the back of unanswered questions surrounding the console. Insiders worried that the machine wouldn't stand a chance if it launched with a base price equal to or higher than $299.