Update: March 3rd release date confirmed, to be sold at $299.99 in the US.

In the time since Nintendo unveiled the Switch back in October, the company has been pretty quiet when it comes to revealing the hybrid console's details. But on January 12, we'll find out more about the machine at a livestreamed event in Tokyo, which will be followed by a hands-on presentation in New York the day after.

Nintendo's president, Tatsumi Kimishima, said that the Switch's exact release date and price will be revealed at the Japan event, along with highlights from some games currently in development. On January 13, the device will get its hands-on debut in the US.

The five-hour event "will further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce." The company hasn't said exactly where in New York it will be held or whether it will be open to the public - it could be restricted to press and select invitees only.

One of the few Switch details Nintendo has talked about is its custom Nvidia Tegra chip. The news that it will feature 4GB RAM and a 6.2-inch, 10-point multitouch capacitive screen comes from other sources.

While the launch price of the Switch will be confirmed in January, wholesale prices given to international retailers suggest it will be around $250 for the base model and $300 for the version with extra internal storage and a bundled game.

As the Switch's March launch date approaches, expect to see more of these hands-on events taking place. While many people have already pre-ordered, it may be best to wait until January, when Nintendo reveals the console's launch details, before committing.