Construction efforts on Tesla's enormous lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in the Nevada desert continue as crews race to complete the build as quickly as possible.

Due to the sheer size of the facility (it's expected to be the largest building in the world by footprint and the second-largest by usable space once complete), ground-based images and videos aiming to chart the project's progress don't really do it justice.

Indeed, the best way to survey the build is from above via a camera-equipped drone like the JDI Phantom 3 Professional used by YouTuber Matthew Roberts to capture the embedded footage above.

With Tesla's highly anticipated Model 3 sedan in the pipeline as well as related interests like its residential battery system and solar panel roofing on the docket, getting the Gigafactory up and running at full capacity is absolutely imperative.

It'll also be a boom for the local economy as Tesla expects the facility to create 6,500 new jobs and have an economic impact of nearly $100 billion over the next 20 years.

As of this past summer, the factory was only 14 percent complete. That figure is no doubt a bit higher today yet even with construction crews working around the clock, the buildout won't be complete until around 2020.