Amazon in the wake of what was likely its most successful holiday season ever has announced yet another shopping event exclusively for its customers.

Digital Day, as Amazon is calling it, is a one-day-only online shopping event for digital content. It's essentially a targeted sales event and a pretty smart one, at least, for Amazon.

The e-commerce giant reckons that since so many people received electronic devices this holiday season, they're going to want to load them up with content. Come December 30, Amazon's Digital Day will afford shoppers the opportunity to do just that with discounts of up to 50 percent on thousands of movies, TV shows, apps, mobile games, music, eBooks and more.

Amazon stands to come out pretty good on Digital Day for the simple fact that digital goods don't require space in fulfillment centers and workers to package and ship products to buyers.

Slickdeals, however, isn't all that impressed with the fact that discounts are capped at 50 percent. The site also takes issue with the fact that some of the games featured on the Digital Day landing page are several years old (Amazon has seemingly updated the splash page as it no longer matches the screenshot Slickdeals initially captured).

Nevertheless, Amazon is set to host Digital Day on December 30 starting at 12:00am PST.