Super Mario Run, Nintendo's latest mobile game that set multiple App Store records since its December 15 launch, was destined to come to Android sooner or later. As it turns out, Mario's Google Play homecoming may be closer to the "sooner" side than most anticipated.

Nintendo gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage during Apple's iPhone 7 unveiling on September 7 to announce Super Mario Run, the company's first mobile game featuring its franchise plumber and friends.

The game was to be an Apple exclusive when it launched in December but nobody knew how long that would be the case (nor do we really know today).

That said, Nintendo recently announced on Twitter that Android users can pre-register to be notified when the game is released on Google Play. Worth noting is the fact that Apple did the same thing in the days leading up to Super Mario Run's arrival in the App Store which leads us to believe that Nintendo will be in Google's app store very soon.

Super Mario Run is free in the App Store although you'll need to pay a one-time fee of $9.99 to unlock the full game. The trial only offers access to a handful of stages so you can get a feel for the gameplay. Despite some criticism, there's no reason to think that Nintendo will change its business model on Android.

If you simply can't wait that long to get your auto-runner fix, there are numerous Super Mario Run clones on Google Play to hold you over.

Thumbnail courtesy Jason Reed