Possibly one of the stupidest and most dangerous ideas the internet has ever come up with. A YouTuber that goes by the name of vexal has allegedly modded his Porsche 911 into a Doom controller. The game is known to be very versatile with versions being ported to printers, calculators, and more. The next logical step was clearly a 370 horsepower sports car.

The supposed mod is relatively simple, using the car's internal computer to power the game. By starting the car in debug mode, the game can be loaded up from a USB drive. Rather than requiring a controller, the mod takes it to the next level.

The car's gas pedal and steering wheel control movement in the game. The shifters are set to swap guns, and the horn fires your weapon. Driving around randomly like this with your hand on the horn is sure to dumbfound anyone in the vicinity. What's more, the screen is part of the center console so you can't even look at the road while you're driving around erratically.

As the technology built in to vehicles continues to advance, there's no doubt that crazy mods like this will continue to pop up. There will almost certainly be security concerns as to how easy it is to run third party software. The video suggests that no one should attempt this on public roads, but it's safe to suggest that no one tries it anywhere.