Developer Creative Assembly, creators of Alien: Isolation may be working on a sequel. According to PlayStation Universe, rumors coming out of this month's Official PlayStation Magazine suggest that the follow-up may be forthcoming. Apparently, OPM has "sources" that said that once Halo Wars 2 was wrapped up, the studio may start work on another Alien title.

Well, Halo Wars 2 shipped in February, so Creative Assembly should have some time on its hands now. The studio has also expanded recently with its acquisition of Crytek Black Sea, which is now called Creative Assembly Sofia. According to PC Gamer, this purchase occurred right after Halo Wars was finished suggesting that Creative was ready to put Crytek developers straight to work.

"What exactly Creative Assembly Sofia is or will be working on remains to be seen," said PC Gamer last month.

If OPM's source is correct, now we know.

''Our sources tell us that after work is finished on Halo Wars 2, a new Alien game may start development over at Alien Isolation dev Creative Assembly.''

However, there are a couple of other things that lead to a conclusion that Alien: Isolation 2, or whatever they decide to call it, is in the works.

Back in September 2015, Games Industry quoted Creative Assembly's studio director Tim Heaton saying, "Alien: Isolation 2 is not out of the question because we're so proud of it and there's possibly more to be said."

Five months earlier Alien: Isolation's Lead Game Designer, Gary Napper told AVP Galaxy that a sequel was a real possibility.

"The plot for a sequel is a daily topic in the studio sometimes. People have their own ideas for where it should go, our writers have some solid concepts, and yes, we do have a great opportunity to continue [Amanda's] story."

However, developer's desires and publisher wishes do not always align. Even though Alien: Isolation sold 2.1 million copies, publisher Sega was not satisfied. It had hoped and expected it to do better. A sequel is not completely off the table for Sega, but it says it will depend on how profitable it could be, and there certainly are ways that profitability can be increased.

PlayStation Universe stated that "Sony is presumably looking for its next flagship VR title once Farpoint ships next month."

Given the rise of VR popularity and the fact the Isolation is suited perfectly for virtual reality, creating the sequel with a VR mode would certainly increase the chances of it doing quite well.

Keep in mind that this is all just rumor and speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Plus, even if Alien: Isolation 2 is in the works, it is bound to be in very early development so we likely would not hear any announcements for a while yet.