AMD recently published a video on YouTube in which id Software CTO Robert Duffy speaks about their experience thus far with the new Ryzen platform. Unsurprisingly, Duffy had plenty of positive things to say about AMD's latest both from the perspective of developer and gamer.

Duffy said one of the first things they did when their Ryzen 7 PCs arrived was run Doom on them. Out of the box at 1080p, everything ran fantastic, he said, although you probably know that by now if you've read any Ryzen reviews.

They're now starting 4K testing and will soon move to 8K, he said, adding that they expect everything to go well.

The id Software executive also praised the high core count which provides additional CPU headroom. For those doing livestreaming, for example, this extra headroom could really come in handy.

Duffy notes in the testimonial that they're actively working on the next generation of the id Tech game engine and that it'll be fully optimized for Ryzen. As you likely know, Ryzen suffered initially in high-resolution gaming in part due to lack of optimizations.

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