Prey has only been out for three days, and players have already found and are exploiting the game’s first glitch. The bug was discovered on day one and has gotten quite a bit of attention, with several YouTubers posting videos on the exploit.

The glitch allows players to create unlimited resources for crafting ammo, health kits, neuromods, or any other craftable item as long as they already have the plans. According to Polygon, the first YouTuber to expose the cheat was Random Chievo’s, but a quick search reveals at least six other how-to videos for exploiting the bug.

The exploit is easy enough to accomplish, but it should be noted that this is potentially game breaking because it will eliminate the challenge of the game. Knightz shows in his video where to find the plans for crafting neuromods and how to execute the glitch.

However, he warns, “This may cause extreme boredom and ruin your experience, but here you go.”

It takes about an hour of playing from the beginning of the game before getting to the area where the glitch can be used. If you go to Morgan’s office, you will find a recycler. This machine is what is used to duplicate materials. By the time you get here, you should have collected some of the various materials used for crafting. If not, you can just put an item in the recycler and turn it into raw materials to get you started.

Once at the recycler, place a stack of materials in it, split it into at least four separate stacks, and hit the recycle button. Somewhere around double the amount of the resource you put in will come out the other side. Repeat this as much as desired.

Polygon has tested the glitch on PlayStation 4 and Windows and confirmed that it works, but said, “This will likely be the first exploit patched out,” so enjoy it while it lasts.