Syfy (originally the Sci-Fi Channel) will celebrate its 25th anniversary later this year. To commemorate the occasion, its owners - NBCUniversal - on Thursday announced a rebranding effort that'll deliver a "renewed commitment to the genre and fandom at large."

The rebranding, which will debut June 19, will include a new logo, updated typeface and a refreshed look across all linear, digital and social platforms. Alexandra Shapiro, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Digital, Entertainment Networks for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, describes it as a top-to-bottom, wholesale change of the way they express themselves.

The executive added that the new branding is designed for the digital age and tailored for the consumption patterns of their audience.

With any luck, the rebranding will go over better with fans than the last one did. As The Verge recalls, Sci Fi rebranded itself as Syfy in 2009. The play on grammar didn't appeal to fans with Time magazine in 2010 labeling it as one of the top 10 worst corporate name changes.

Syfy is also adding a news section for breaking genre news, in-depth analysis and "thought-provoking" original content across its entire ecosystem include two new high-profile series pickups - the Superman prequel Krypton and a cable adaptation of Grant Morrison's graphic novel Happy!. The latter will star 56-year-old Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU fame.

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