Hackers have reportedly gotten their mitts on Disney's upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and are threatening to release it on the Internet unless the studio pays a hefty ransom.

Multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the situation during a town hall meeting with ABC employees on Monday in New York City. While Iger didn't specify which film the hackers were referring to, Deadline claims it is indeed the upcoming Johnny Depp film which is slated for theatrical release on May 26.

Iger said the hackers threatened to release a five-minute clip initially and then publish 20-minute-long increments until their demands are met (or the full movie is released, whichever comes first). The executive reportedly told town hall attendees that Disney would not pay the Bitcoin ransom and is working with federal law enforcement on the matter.

Netflix recently found itself in a similar situation.

A hacking collective called TheDarkOverlord recently managed to get its hands on several unreleased shows including the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black. The group demanded 50 Bitcoins in exchange for not leaking the Netflix original but when the streaming media giant didn't respond to demands, the hackers made good on their promise and put the entire season online.