Former NASA engineer Mark Rober was the envy of every '90s kid last summer when he unveiled this oversized Nerf gun. For 2017, Rober has upped the ante by creating a super-sized version of the best water gun ever made.

The Super Soaker 50 was a game-changer. Developed by Lonnie Johnson (also a former NASA engineer who Rober interviews in the clip above), the iconic yellow and green water pistol utilized a pressurized reservoir system that allowed the gun to fire water at distances far greater than conventional solutions.

If you wanted to win a water fight, this was the gun you reached for.

Rober's oversized Super Soaker 50 measures seven feet long and holds the Guinness World Record as the world's largest Super Soaker. It shoots water out at a "destructive" 272 miles per hour which is powerful enough to cut a watermelon in half and even wreck a soda can. Gotta love nostalgia!

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