In early 2012, Eric Migicovsky launched a Kickstarter campaign for Pebble. The wearable single-handedly ushered in the modern smartwatch movement yet despite multiple home runs on the crowdfunding platform (three of the top five most-funded campaigns in Kickstarter history belong to Pebble), the company ultimately waved the white flag and was sold to Fitbit.

This week, Migicovsky returned to Kickstarter to see if there's any magic left in the well.

His latest project tackles a nagging issue in the mobile industry - battery life. The PodCase is a case for your iPhone that can also accommodate wireless AirPods (and keep both the phone and earbuds juiced up). It features a 2,500mAh battery capable of charging an iPhone one full time (or a set of AirPods about 40 times) and a USB Type-C connector for recharging purposes.

As you may know, Apple is scheduled to announce the iPhone 8 next week. Migicovsky says they're planning to design a PodCase for that device as well and will add support for it as part of this campaign. In the meantime, the PodCase will be offered in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sizes.

The PodCase will retail for $99 although early bird backers can lock in their order for just $79. The first wave of shipments is expected to go out in February 2018.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.