Last month Intel unveiled the first of its eighth generation Core CPUs. Many expected the company to reveal the hotly anticipated Coffee Lake, but the first chips of this generation turned out to be a Kaby Lake refresh: four 15W U-series mobile CPUs built on a refined version of the 14 nm+ process.

It seems Intel fans waiting for Coffee Lake, which uses a further refined 14 nm++ process, can expect to get their hands on them as soon as next month, with October 5th being the rumored launch date. Alleged leaked benchmarks for the desktop processors have already hit the web.

Montreal-based tech YouTuber Karl Morin gave us the Coffee Lake scores when he ran across an HP Omen PC sporting an Intel Core-i7 8700K at the HWBot event. It didn't have an attached monitor, so Morin grabbed one and ran Cinebench. He also ran some CPU-Z multi- and single-threaded tests.

Intel's six core/12 thread CPU scored 1230 points in the Cinebench R15 multi-threaded test and 196 points for single-core performance. In our own Cinebench benchmarks, that places the 8700K above the four core/eight thread Core-i7 7700K (941) but just below AMD's six core/12 thread Ryzen 5 1600X (1260) for multi-threaded performance. That single-thread score, meanwhile, is also an improvement over Kaby Lake.

In the CPU-Z tests, the Core-i7 8700K scored 13,680 points for multi-thread performance and 2345 in the single thread results.

Another leak comes courtesy of the Geekbench database. It paired EVGA's upcoming Z370 motherboard with an 8700K to come up with a single-core score of 5773 and a multi-core score of 24,620. This puts it ahead of the both the Core i7-7700K (5725 single, 18,800 multi) and the Ryzen 5 1600X (4180 single, 18,650 multi). Even the Ryzen 7 1800X only manages a 4240 single-threaded score and 21,800 with all 16 threads in use.

As usual you can expect TechSpot's full review with tons of benchmarks, productivity and gaming comparison tests when time comes.