PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has already enjoyed wild success and the game has not even been officially released yet. The Steam Early Access title became the most popular non-Valve game in July and has now sold over 10 million copies since its release back in March. With those numbers, it is inevitable that the MMO will have a fair number of cheaters.

While bots are not much of a problem thanks to developer Bluehole’s use of anti-cheat software BattlEye, PUBG has had an issue with idlers. Also known as AFK farmers, these are people who join matches but do nothing just to earn a little in-game currency (Battle Points or BP).

Bluehole recognized the problem after numerous complaints and recently issued a patch to address the matter.

“We have implemented rules that will not allow idle players to earn BPs,” the dev mentions in a blog post. “We will monitor this and improve the current system going forward.”

Players can use BPs to buy crates that sometimes contain rare cosmetic items, then turn around and sell them for real cash in the Steam Community Market. Some items are fetching quite a price. Don’t ask me why, but skirts go for $140 and up.

The patch was not solely for dealing with the AFK farmers. Bluehole also optimized some client-side items for lower-end PCs, added some new weather effects, made several improvements to the UI / UX, added a new weapon and more. You can check out the full patch notes on the developer's Steam blog.