We know that Google will be unveiling the next generation of Pixel phones at its hardware event on October 4. But for those who can't wait until next week, a major leak has revealed most of the handsets' specs (and now photos are available, too).

Update: Evan Blass has posted leaked images of what likely are finalized Pixel 2 phones:

Android Authority uncovered the spec details, which it claims to have verified independently using an internal document. While much of the hardware is what we expect to see in virtually all of today's flagship Android devices, there are a couple of surprises. Like the Note 8, S8, LG V30, and several others, the Pixel 2 XL will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor. The handset has a curved QHD display, and a screen-to-body ratio of between 80 and 85 percent, meaning this phone is joining the minimum-bezel revolution.

The base storage for the Pixel 2 XL will be either 64 GB or 128 GB, and while dual speakers will reportedly be a feature, previous rumors that it will lack a 3.5mm headphone jack appear to be true. Android Authority also suggests only certain markets will receive USB Type-C headphones in the box.

Although the Pixel 2 XL only has a single rear-lens camera, it's still an area where the handset could excel, thanks to the Wide Color Gamut and Google Imaging Chip alongside the Optical Image Stabilization. It could also have OIS in the front-facing camera.

Other specs include a new generation of fingerprint scanner, IP67 dust and water resistance, Gorilla Glass 5, and an impressively large 3,520 mAh battery. But the most interesting feature is the inclusion of an E-SIM slot, which, if true, would allow users to connect to different networks without having to replace their SIM cards.

The smaller Pixel 2 handset has many of the same features as its larger sibling, with the exceptions of a 1080p flat screen and a 2,700 mAh battery. Additionally, both phones come with the squeezable Active Edge feature and are said to offer unlimited Google cloud storage until 2023.