Nintendo is clearly on to something with its miniature console remakes. Now on its second iteration and as popular as ever, Nintendo’s tiny replicas are inspiring a whole new breed of retro consoles and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

The latest, a micro version of the best-selling ‘80s home computer, comes courtesy of Retro Games. The Commodore 64 Mini connects to your television via HDMI and comes bundled with a joystick. You also get 64 pre-loaded games including classics like Chip’s Challenge, California Games and Impossible Mission.

The plug-and-play machine features two USB ports for connecting a second joystick or even a standard USB keyboard. After all, the system at its heart is a home computer. Should you want to brush up on your BASIC programming skills, well, have at it.

As PC Gamer highlights, Retro Games is the same outfit that launched an Indiegogo campaign last year to bring back a full-sized Commodore 64. That project raised around $100,000, or 67 percent of its flexible funding goal, but has yet to deliver to backers.

In a recent project update, the company said it’s clear that the retail market is demanding the mini version over its full-sized design. Prioritizing the mini version will give them the capital to deliver to backers and pre-order customers, the firm notes.

As an added benefit, those that backed the original Indiegogo console effort or pre-ordered a system from their site will also receive the Mini version.

The Commodore 64 Mini is scheduled to launch in early 2018 for $69.99.