It sure didn't take hackers long to crack the Super NES Classic and start bootlegging Star Fox 2. Copies of the game can already be found floating around on eBay housed in original SNES cartridge casings. The listings I have seen are selling for $40-$60.

The question is, will the cartridges work on an original Super Nintendo? According to one user on a SNES subreddit, the answer is yes.

Redditor s3phir0th115 said that he successfully flashed an EPROM and got it to run on a Super Nintendo.

"To answer questions about the setup:
1. It's the dev cart I posted earlier. I flashed a 27c160 EPROM with the rom extracted from a SNES Classic.
2. That's a RGB modded SNES Jr hooked up to a framemeister via RGB, hence the HD.
3. If you didn't see the other post, here's what the dev cart board looks like [this]
4. It's a SuperFX 2 dev cart.
5. Here's a video of someone else's of it running, in his case a SuperFX 1.
I'm not going to share the rom, I just wanted to give the good news that it does run."

While s3phir0th115's cartridge looks like something home-brewed, the ones I have seen on eBay look like they are straight from Nintendo. They even have labels with the Star Fox 2 artwork that looks professionally done. However, before you consider purchasing one for your dusty old Super NES sitting in the attic, keep a couple of things in mind.

The primary concern is that these cartridges are most definitely illegal. They break copyright law on just about every level from the artwork to the code. While copyright owners are usually more concerned with those who are producing the pirated material, it is still technically illegal to be in possession of bootlegged products.

The other consideration is that some of these listings are bound to be fakes. Seeing as how the carts are bringing in a fair sum of money, there are going to be counterfeiters out there slapping labels on any old SNES cartridge they can find. That Star Fox 2 cartridge might be Super Mario or it might not work at all.

Caveat emptor; buyer beware.

Top Image courtesy of IGN