The first Adam short film was produced by Veselin Efremov and the Unity demo team to demonstrate how real-time rendering was possible in the Unity engine. Adam first appeared at the Game Developers Conference in 2016, where "it blew people away," according to Tron Legacy VFX supervisor Chris Harvey. Since then it has won several awards.

The short also caught the attention of Neill Blomkamp, independent filmmaker and co-founder of Oats Studios. As the former writer and director of District 9, Blomkamp was immediately intrigued by the film. He claims to have always had an interest in real-time rendering.

"I have been obsessed with real-time graphics since I was around 16," he said on the Unity website. "It feels like some 21st-century playpen of creativity."

Blomkamp really wanted to take Adam further, so he got together with Efremov and came up with enough storyline to create at least two more short films. Adam: The Mirror is the first of those two follow-ups. The second one will be called Adam: The Prophet.

The Mirror picks up a short time after the end of the first and shows Needalus (the Moses-like cyborg) continuing to lead the Traptions. However, their world looks a lot more apocalyptic this time. When Adam meets The Mirror, his true nature is revealed.

The film is only about six minutes long, but it answers many of the questions left by the first. Unfortunately, the ending leaves us scratching our heads even more. The cliffhanger is sure to be addressed in Adam: The Prophet when it releases later this year. I don't think six more minutes is going to be enough, but I sure do want to know how Neddalus reacts to Adam and and The Mirror's revelation of his past life.