If you want a modern security camera with smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud backup, you'll know there's a lot of options and that they usually don't come cheap. The Nest Cam was one of the first in this wave of simple security cameras that worked right out of the box. Just connect them to your home network and you're up and running.

However, the Nest Cam costs $200 and other competing products aren't cheap either. Wyze Labs is looking to throw wrench into this market though with their new WyzeCam which retails for only $19.99 before shipping and handling.

How can they sell a camera for this cheap? The margins on this little cube-shaped camera are extremely low and the company employs only about 12 people right now. They are also dealing directly with a large Chinese manufacturer rather than attempting to build the hardware themselves. If the WyzeCam is successful, they are hoping to expand their offerings to more smart home products in the future.

At $19.99, what can you expect in terms of features?

The camera is 1080p with built-in infrared night vision. The base is magnetic and can move around into just about any position. The software will store bits of footage from the past 14 days in the cloud and will automatically start recording when motion or sound is detected. There is also a microSD card slot for local storage. The last interesting feature is the ability to do 2-way audio with the app since the camera has a built in speaker.

Some media outlets have already received beta units and the general consensus so far is positive. While it won't be as robust or refined as higher end models that cost 5-10x as much, for $19.99, this looks like a great product. The camera is available on Amazon with Prime shipping for $29.99 or the company website for $19.99 plus shipping.