Season two of Stranger Things, the '80s nostalgia-filled sci-fi horror series from Netflix, is set for release on October 27 (tomorrow). As was the case with the first season and most other Netflix shows, the entire season will be released at once in a convenient, binge-ready helping.

Looking to fully capitalize on the series' popularity, it was announced on Thursday that the streaming video titan will also publish a seven-episode "aftershow" hosted by writer, producer, actor and super fan Jim Rash called Beyond Stranger Things.

The only question is, why?

Aftershows like Talking Dead and Talking Saul have become quite popular in recent years. The typical format involves the discussion of just-aired episodes (that's key) and often features interviews with cast and creators as well as other bonus content.

It's a way for diehard fans to get more of the show the love although in actuality, it's just another way for producers to milk the series in question.

What's puzzling about Beyond Stranger Things is that it's missing that key element of an episode just airing and the show being "live." All episodes of Beyond Stranger Things will debut at once on October 27 alongside season two of the show. Are people really going to switch over to the aftershow after each successive episode?

It seems ill-advised but I guess when you're as big as Netflix, what's the harm in trying?