Pokemon Go was quite a hit when it first launched back in 2016. Although the app has seen a significant drop in active player numbers since then, it still manages to retain the interest of millions of users on a daily basis. This is likely due in no small part to Niantic's commitment to providing Pokemon Go players with more frequent content updates and regular holiday events.

With how well Pokemon Go has performed, it's unsurprising to hear that Niantic is hoping lightning will strike twice. The company will once again be bringing a popular franchise to the AR gaming market, this time shifting their focus away from the world of Pokemon to the magical Harry Potter universe.

The upcoming app, named Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is expected to launch sometime in 2018. According to a TechCrunch report, Niantic will be teaming up with Warner Bros. Interactive to bring the app to life, with the latter's development team operating under the Portkey Games brand.

Unfortunately for Harry Potter fans, details about the app's potential gameplay features are few and far between at the moment. That said, it's probably safe to assume that Niantic will implement at least a few mechanics from their previous AR games, Pokemon Go and Ingress. This could mean a gym-like location defense feature and a faction system, potentially replacing Pokemon Go's teams system with wizard houses or schools.