Twitter earlier this month doubled its character limit across multiple languages (English included) in an effort to give people more freedom to express themselves while retaining the brevity the platform is known for. It seems to have worked but as you know, there are always those that look to push the boundaries.

Sometimes, people simply have more to say than a 140-character (or now, a 280-character) tweet can accommodate. In those instances, it's not uncommon for users to chain together multiple tweets to read as one long entry. This technique has become known as a tweetstorm and it's something that Twitter is now officially embracing.

The feature, as TechCrunch highlights, was recently spotted in the wild and offers a new interface for composing lengthy tweets. A rep for Twitter told the site that the feature has indeed been in testing in alpha and beta versions on Android and iOS. It's not yet available to the general public but its continued rollout suggests an official launch shouldn't be too far out.

This wouldn't be the first time Twitter has developed a feature based on user behavior. As the publication recounts, the @reply, the hashtag and the RT were all derived from behavior that originated organically on the platform.

Given Twitter's recent struggles with user growth, it needs all the help it can get with regard to attracting newcomers. If lengthy posts are keeping some users at bay, presenting an official way to circumvent the matter can't hurt.