Working on a brand new computer is often a great feeling once everything is setup and configured the way you like it. For HP users, there could be one major annoyance that completely ruins the experience. HP Touchpoint Analytics Service is a piece of software that is using up system resources and is being installed without notice to users.

The software is a telemetry tool meant to be part of a suite of security software, but has the inadvertent side effect of making a system slow and generally unpleasant to use. One HP user reports over 95% CPU usage as a result of the analytics service also further increased by anti-malware software checking for suspicious activity.

Thankfully it is possible to remove the service without too much difficulty, but there is no way to revoke access to data that has already been shared with HP. The service can be stopped through services.msc and disabling HP Touchpoint Analytics Client. Uninstalling HP Touchpoint Manager from Programs and Features should also stop and remove the service from running.

Lenovo was recently hit with a $3.5 million fine from the FTC for loading spyware onto their computers, so HP had better clean up its act to avoid the same fate. HP has not officially acknowledged the problem, but is likely aware of the issue by now from all the complaints on the HP support website.

Image Credit: Screenshot by Günter Born