Voice control via digital assistants is more popular than ever thanks largely in part to Amazon and its Alexa-enabled devices. That dominance expands with the recent launch of the Twitch skill in the US.

As the name suggests, Alexa's Twitch skill is all about controlling Twitch using your voice. Those with an Alexa-based device and a Twitch account can have the skill perform a variety of tasks. For example, you can ask Alexa to show you channels that you follow, ask for a list of popular channels, see who is playing a specific game, get a list of popular games or launch your favorite channel.

The Twitch skill seems best suited for Echo Show, the Amazon voice assistant with a digital display. Rather than just listen to the action on Twitch, Echo Show lets you tune in to a broadcast just as you would on your computer or mobile device.

Notifications are also a big deal within the skill. To get started with them, simply enable the notifications permission for the Twitch skill in your Alexa app.

The tie-in isn't all that surprising considering Amazon owns Twitch (the company, if you recall, bought the gaming property for $1 billion in 2014, beating Google to the punch).

Amazon's Echo devices have been a popular choice among holiday shoppers this year. The e-commerce giant said late last month that the Echo Dot was the best-selling item during Cyber Monday.