While many iPhone apps will typically only run you a few dollars, even that may be too much to shell out for something you've never used before. Enter Apple's new "Try it For Free" App Store section designed to give users easier access to apps that offer free trial periods. At the moment there's only a few being promoted: USA Today, Lake: Coloring Books, Panna: Video Recipes & Classes and 1Password. Though these apps are quite different from one another, they're all subscription-based services.

While these apps have always offered free trials, this tweak to the App Store interface could serve as Apple's way of pushing more users into trying out a different method of payment than they might be used to, especially after years of apps being monetized via one-time fees or in-app purchases and microtransactions.

If you opt to check out one of the apps for yourself you'll be redirected to a "Subscription Offer" page with all the relevant details, which includes information regarding trial length and the cost of the app after the free period is up.

It's worth noting that Apple hasn't separated apps by trial length or payment frequency, so apps that charge you on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis will appear alongside each other. It's possible that the new section sees some tweaks over the coming months but for now, make sure you know what sort of commitment you're signing up for.