The world is a much more compelling place when slowed down. As the crew behind The Slow Mo Guys channel on YouTube has demonstrated over the years, it’s often ordinary tasks we do every day – like snapping a photo or watching television – that are the most captivating when viewed in slow motion.

As you may know, what you watch on TV is simply a series of still images – hence the term “motion picture” – that refresh fast enough to trick our brains into thinking we are seeing moving objects (think of a flip book). Knowing how the concept works and seeing it in action, however, are two very different things.

The Slow Mo Guys in their latest video point their high-speed cameras at various types of television sets to see what’s really happening. The intricacies of how it all works are fascinating, especially seeing Mario’s mustache drawn in less than 1/380,000th of a second.

The video also delves into the technological differences between CRT, LCD and OLED displays and looks at how individual pixels are used to display colors.

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