We've seen The Slow Mo Guys pop bubbles at 2,500 frames per second and record a DSLR camera's shutter activate at 10,000 FPS but for their latest video, the duo brought out the big guns. I'm of course talking about the Phantom v2511, an insane high-speed camera that can record in excess of 343,000 frames per second.

In this video, the guys tinker with thermal shock using some Pyrex measuring cups. Apparently if you drop cold water (or as you'll see, nothing more than air) into a very hot Pyrex measuring cup, it'll shatter violently. Lucky for us, The Slow Mo Guys were able to capture it in glorious... well, slow motion.

As the frame rates climb, resolution unfortunately drops but you can still see clearly what's happening at 343,915 FPS.

Fun fact: a 5.1-second recording at that insane frame rate generated 19.5 hours of footage.

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