Spotify is perhaps best known for its on-demand music streaming service by the same name but now the company could be looking to branch out, if only slightly. In addition to offering their core streaming service, Spotify seems to be testing an app called "Stations" which will resemble the ad-supported Pandora app in many ways.

Spotify is clearly focusing on ease of use with Stations as the app will automatically begin playing music when you open it and create playlists tailored to your tastes based on the songs you've "liked" in the past. Navigating the app is also quite simple - you simply swipe up or down to access different stations.

"When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge," Stations' app description reads. "With Stations, you can listen immediately, and switching stations is simple and seamless- no searching or typing needed."

Right now, Spotify calls Stations an "experiment," meaning it may or may not stick around in the long term. That said, if you want to participate in testing Stations, you may be out of luck. As TechCrunch reports, the app has very limited device compatibility (the S7 Edge, S8 and Google's Pixel phones were incompatible with the app) and seems to only be available to Australian users.