Now that we live in what's considered to be a golden age of technology, TV shows that feature the subject have become a lot better. Today, there are a number of series that deal with real issues such as AI, shady corporations, hacking, privacy, and what the future might hold. For this Weekend Open Forum, we want to know what your favorites are.

While it might be closer to sci-fi than tech, I'm a big fan of Netflix's recent Altered Carbon series. But my personal favorites remain the excellent Mr. Robot and Silicon Valley, which, even though it's a comedy, was once described as "basically a documentary" by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

The excellent Black Mirror is another brilliant show for tech fans, as is Halt and Catch Fire, which came to an end last year. Edging back into sci-fi territory are Westworld and The Expanse. And there's also the excellent UK comedy show The IT Crowd.

Whatever tech-related TV shows you love, whether they're still on today or finished years ago, do let us know in the comments below.