It's that time of the month when the Steam Hardware survey is thrust upon us. The biggest news from February's figures is that the Oculus Rift has overtaken the HTC Vive as the most popular PC-powered VR headset among users of Valve's platform.

Up until December 2017, Oculus had lagged behind HTC in the Steam survey. But the Facebook-owned company managed to overtake its rival during the holidays by just 0.01 percent, before losing its lead one month later. In February, the two swapped placed again: just over 47 percent of Steam users now pick the Rift as their primary VR headset for the PC, while 45 percent of gamers prefer the Vive.

It's worth remembering that the figures don't paint a 100 percent accurate picture of the virtual reality headset market. Steam users have to opt-in to the survey to take part, and neither Oculus nor Facebook has revealed official sales figures for their products.

HTC has gone through a series of difficulties these last few months. The company was reportedly considering getting out of the VR business altogether back in August, but still revealed its standalone headset, the Vive Focus, three months later. And although the updated Vive Pro headset was unveiled in January, it was also reported that HTC was merging its smartphone and VR divisions, leading to layoffs in the US.

There was little change in other areas of the Steam survey. The GTX 1060 remains the most popular GPU among users, though the GTX 750 Ti has moved into second place ahead of the GTX 960. And while its popularity is dropping slightly, simplified Chinese remains the most common language among users, thanks mostly to the country's love of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. It's also why Windows 7 64-bit remains the most popular OS.