Assassin's Creed: Origins expansion "Curse of the Pharaohs" just dropped today. The downloadable content follows less than two months after the the first DLC "The Hidden Ones" and only a few weeks after the Discovery Mode patch on February 20. You could say the developers have been quite busy this year.

Ubisoft sprung the trailer on us yesterday, and it showed off a good portion of what we can expect. In this chapter of the story, Bayek will face off against undead mummies, Egyptian gods, gigantic scorpions, and creepy looking birds with human heads called "ba."

According to the official announcement, mummies are invading the lands due to a curse triggered by grave robbers. This classic Hollywood cliché will come with a new map that includes the city of Thebes, the Valley of the Kings, and the Egyptian underworld.

Players are tasked with tracking down the artifacts that were stolen from each pharaoh's tomb in order to lift the curse. They will not only have to contend with physical enemies in the real world but will also be pitted against underworld foes as they traverse the large, sandbox-like afterlife segments. These worlds are accessed via portals in the cursed pharaoh tombs.

The expansion comes with an increased level cap for Bayek, along with seven new unlockable abilities. There is a Dash Boost and Overpower Fury giving Bayek advantages in close combat situations.

For ranged attacks, there are four new archer abilities. The Predator Bow can inflict Flesh decay; the Hunter Bow can do more damage with fully charged shots; the Light Bow ability gets a damage buff for each consecutive hit; and the Warrior Bow skill adds a bleed DOT effect for anyone surviving the blast.

The final skill, called Favor of Osiris, gradually replenishes Bayek's tools and arrows while he is in the afterlife.

Each of the new skills cost 15 ability points to unlock. These points are given during the quest, but completing side quests and tasks will assist in gaining them more quickly. Watch Ubisoft's announcement video (above) for more details on the new expansion.

Curse of the Pharaohs is available starting today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for about $20 unless you already have the Season Pass in which case it's a "free" download.