Good news for those disappointed to learn that OnePlus has stopped selling its OnePlus 5T in the US: the successor to the excellent handset, the OnePlus 6, could be here sooner than expected. What you see above is the first official image of the OnePlus 6.

In addition, reliable leaker Evan Blass sent out a tweet yesterday showing the back of the phone, which reveals a few details about the OnePlus 6. Still no word on an exact launch date, but the leak suggests we might not have much longer to wait.

As with OnePlus' earlier phones, the upcoming model features a speaker grille and a now (almost) standard USB-C port. Thankfully, the company is joining Samsung in retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack at a time when more manufacturers are dropping it from their devices.

It also appears that the horizontally stacked, dual lens rear camera has moved from the top left position, where it's found on the OnePlus 5 and 5T, and is now vertically aligned in the center of the phone. There also seems to be a square fingerprint sensor just below it. The print reader is round in the OnePlus 6's predecessors; the new shape makes it look more like Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus.

What's also interesting is the phone's rear construction. Earlier leaks show the handset with a glass back, but the image appears to show it made from a textured material that could be wood or brushed metal.

Blass didn't reveal any other new details about the OnePlus 6. It's expected to be powered by this year's flagship processor, the Snapdragon 845, and come with 8GB of RAM in one of the two available variants. The full-HD (2160x1080) Optic AMOLED display is reportedly bezel-free, and, much to the disappointment of some Android fans, will feature an iPhone X-style notch.