Corsair has announced a new rendition of Dominator Platinum Special Edition CONTRAST DDR4 memory. The premium RAM arrives in a pearl white with glossy black heat spreaders and of course, LEDs. Unlike the previous generations of Dominator Platinum memory, this set has soft white LEDs.

Both dual and quad-channel kits have modules rated for 3,466MHz that have all been through a rigorous quality assurance process. All memory chips are provided by Samsung and are installed onto a 10-layer PCB. Timing is set at 16-18-18-36 with a voltage rating of 1.35V.

Corsair's DHX cooling undergoes few changes from the last generation and carries nearly identical heatsink fins. Overclockers will have no problem pushing the limits of this high-end memory offering with the help of Intel's XMP 2.0. For those curious about the pretty average timing on premium memory, a performance profile can be used to tighten them up to 15-15-15-36.

Dominator Platinum Special Edition CONTRAST memory is available now exclusively from Corsair's webstore in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. A 2x16GB kit retails for $439.99 and a 4x8GB kit will set you back $479.99. Both variations of the new special edition memory carry limited lifetime warranties.