Epic Games has been trolling Fortnite players for nearly a month with this comet business. In case you are not up to speed on the event, let me recap what has been throwing players into a tizzy.

Back on April 2, we reported that many Fortnite players had noticed a glowing object in the sky. It stood out from the rest of the stars because it had a tail like a comet and was much brighter.

Over the course of several days, the comet was seen growing larger and more luminous. Players speculated that the comet was going to strike the map. The prevailing theory is that the comet is on a collision course with the Tilted Towers area and that the impact will fundamentally change the Fortnite world going into next season, which starts May 1.

Developers have remained silent regarding the object but have continued to troll players with related content added silently to subsequent updates. For example, about a week ago Kotaku reported that a major meteor shower was occurring, as if the Fortnite world was passing through the comet's tail. This unannounced event led many players to believe with certainty the comet was going to impact on that day, but it didn't.

Which brings us to the latest update. Fortnite version 3.6 patch notes mention two main additions --- the Noble Launcher (an electricity-based gun) and the Clinger (a grenade attached to a toilet plunger that sticks to enemies). The update also details a few other tweaks and bug fixes.

What the notes don't mention is a change found in Twisted Towers. Kotaku reports that players dropping into TT may encounter an area on top of one of the buildings where it appears that people have been hanging out, but not just regular people.

Among the trash strewn about one will find indications that those hanging out on the roof were watching and waiting for the comet to land and take them out. There are three picket signs of note among the debris. One has a depiction of Twisted Towers surrounded by a heart, and another has a hand-drawn speeding comet.

Funniest of all is the third sign that says "Today" in big bold letters but is crossed out with "Tomorrow" written beneath it. Clearly, the devs are making fun of the players who were insisting that the comet was going to strike on the day of the meteor shower.

In fact, the whole rooftop tells the story of a doomsday cult that sat up on the roof at ground zero waiting for the comet to strike them. When it didn't come the day of the meteors, someone changed the "Today" sign, and they sat for another day. When nothing ultimately happened, the cult just got up and went home disappointed, leaving their trash behind them.

I find it truly funny that Epic has been able to whip players into such a frenzy that it has them creating conspiracy theories. It is even funnier that the developers are playing off this fervor adding subtle little jabs at all "the-end-is-nigh" players.

We still have about a week before season's end, and there is one more patch scheduled before then. I wonder how the devs plan to further troll the players before finally ending it all. Or maybe the next patch spells doomsday for real. We'll just have to wait and see.