Update: As suspected, the Rage 2 teaser trailer has now arrived. Check it out above.

The last few days have seen numerous hints that Rage 2, the sequel to id Software’s 2010 FPS, was about to be officially revealed. Now, we know that the teaser trailer is set to be unveiled later today. It already appeared on YouTube earlier before being pulled, but the clip was saved in GIF form by Twitter user Wario64.

Last week, Rage 2 was one of several titles to appear on Walmart Canada’s website that will likely be shown off at E3. Some of these, including Rage 2 and a new Splinter Cell, had not previously been announced.

The listings were quickly removed, but soon after the leak, the official Rage Twitter account jokingly said Walmart Canada got the box art wrong. Even Bethesda VP Pete Hines joined in, saying, “This is why we can’t have nice things,” though nobody denied Rage 2 was real.

Bethesda followed up with a series of Rage-related images on Twitter, most of which contained the numbers 5:14, presumably a reference to today’s date. This was all but confirmed by the Rage twitter account yesterday, which posed the message: “C:\Desktop\Videos\AnnounceTrailer\Monday.”

A copyright claim meant an early YouTube video of the trailer had been removed, but you can see it, sans sound, in the tweet below. It suggests that the tone will be similar to the original, complete with Mad Max-style characters and settings. It also appears to show the giant mutants that featured in the first game.

While Rage did have its detractors, mostly due to launch bugs and some unsightly texture pop-ins, many gamers, myself included, enjoyed it. But it remains famous for having one of the worst and most abrupt endings in the history of gaming. It will be interesting to see if Rage 2 follows on directly from that eight-year-old game or if it is just set in the same universe.