It's no secret that PC gamers value their peripherals. Keyboards, monitors, and mice are all important tools that can improve the PC gaming experience significantly.

However, high-quality peripherals can often be pretty pricey, putting the devices out of range of budget-conscious gamers. Logitech understands this if their latest product announcement is anything to go by.

Recently, the company unveiled their G305 gaming mouse, a $60 device that boasts Logitech's "Lightspeed" wireless technology and a "High Efficiency Rated Optical" (HERO) sensor.

Marketing lingo aside, the primary draw with the G305 will likely be Lightspeed technology. Prior to the G305's unveiling, Lightspeed tech was only available in Logitech's more expensive, high-end gaming mice.

For the unaware, Lightspeed is essentially an ultra-low-latency form of wireless transmission technology, meaning your gaming experience with a Lightspeed-powered mouse will be virtually lag-free.

The HERO sensor, on the other hand, will apparently contain "400 IPS precision and sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI," with no noticeable acceleration or smoothing.

Logitech claims that the HERO sensor was developed with power efficiency in mind, meaning you can reportedly get "250 hours of continuous gameplay" on a single AA battery.

If you want to give the G305 a whirl for yourself, you can pre-order the device now through Logitech's official website. The device is expected to ship out later in May.