Rumor mill: New trademarks for the Nintendo GameCube software and hardware suggest that a GameCube Classic Edition could be coming in the future. However, as we still have not seen or even heard any word on an N64 Classic, it could be a long while before we have any official word.

When Nintendo announced at E3 that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would come with support for GameCube controllers, it was not a big surprise. We reported last October that Nintendo had quietly added support for the 17-year-old console peripheral in a firmware update. However, new trademark filings may indicate that the company has more GameCube plans in the works than just a special-edition SSBU controller.

Japanese Nintendo has uncovered three new GameCube related trademark filings. The registrations appear to be regarding gaming machines and software, and not just a renewal on the old GameCube controller.

We're still waiting for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition to arrive.

Of course, anytime patent or trademark filings are found, communities tend to speculate wildly as to what they mean. The common theory here is that the company is planning a GameCube Classic Edition.

This idea falls in line with Nintendo’s recent marketing strategy of re-releasing miniature versions of its old consoles. However, we should keep in mind that a year ago similar trademarks were found regarding the Nintendo 64 that stirred up speculation that an N64 Classic was coming, but other than a more recent filing that further fueled the rumor mill, there still has been no official word on such a project.

So as always, take this news with a large helping of salt. Even if Nintendo does have plans for a GameCube Classic Edition, it could be a very long time before we see it, especially if the N64 re-release has to come first.