WTF?! Many people avoid multiplayer games solely because of the toxicity that comes from other players. With Battlefield V, a chat filter is in place to hide obscenities, but the system is censoring some very non-offensive words and phrases, including "white man," "DLC," "titanfall," and "lag."

The beta of Battlefield V, a game famously used to show off the real-time ray tracing abilities of Nvidia's new RTX 20 series GPUs, includes the same kind of chat filter found on many online forums. But it appears a little overeager when it comes to censoring words.

Blocking "white man" is particularly strange, especially as terms such as "black man" and "asian man" are allowed. And for a game set during World War II, not allowing people to type the word "Nazi" is just bizarre. "Defend" is also banned, as are "DLC" and "lag."

So, why the weird censorship? According to EA Community Manager Jeff Braddock, it's simply because the filter is a "work in progress" that's censoring words that aren't profanity or shouldn't be blocked. EA/Dice says it will be listening to user feedback and tweaking the sensitivity of the filter to improve its usage "without censoring relevant conversation." Hopefully, the system will work a lot better by the time the full game launches.

"Healthy discussion is what drives improvement in our games, and we'd never want to impede that," writes Braddock.

The Battlefield V beta ends tomorrow. Check out our feature to discover benchmarks using a wide range of GPUs. It also shows that both AMD and Nvidia cards suffer major stuttering when using DX12 with the beta.