Highly anticipated: It has been 10 years since gamers have gotten a new Samurai Shodown game. It appears the wait will be over in 2019 as SNK is set to revive the series with Samurai Spirits. The game looks to have all the charm and gore that the series is known for and some of the most beloved fighters will be back.

It has been nearly 10 years since SNK has released a Samurai Shodown game. The last one was Samurai Shodown: Sen, which launched in 2009 for the Xbox 360.

SNK teased a new entry in the series today by dropping a video on us. The series has always been called Samurai Spirits in Japan, and the video displays it as such. It is unclear if SNK will change the name to the traditional Samurai Shodown during localization for western audiences, or if it is choosing to reintroduce the series with its Japanese moniker.

The trailer sets up the story, which is set in 1787 --- the 7th year of the Tenmei era.

"A newly appointed counsel to the Shogun, Matsudaira Sadanobu, has been chosen to user in a new age of reform with teh Kansei era. However, the land remains beset by fire, ruin, and famine, all while a sinister cloud darkens the air with a foreboding sense of dread."

The trailer also shows off some nice-looking modern visuals with snippets of gameplay and cutscenes including the signature blood spray the series is known for. Many of the game's classic characters appear to be making a return including Haohmaru, Jubei Yagyu, Nakoruru, Earthquake, and Galford. Those are just the ones that made it into the video. You can expect a full roster when the game releases.

It is being developed on the Unreal Engine and will be coming out on PlayStation 4 in 2019. Other than that, details are scarce on the title. However, the teaser concluded with "Stay tuned for more," which I took as a nod that SNK would have more details to come during the Tokyo Game Show, which starts Wednesday, September 19 and goes through Sunday, September 23.

If you enjoy fighting games but have never played a Samurai Shodown game, you should keep your eye out for this one.