WTF?! Nintendo’s Switch is the company’s most popular and best-reviewed console in years, with almost 15 million units sold in 2017—more than the Wii U’s lifetime sales. It seems some people will go to extreme lengths to get hold of one without paying, including sending a young child inside a BarBerCut Lite cabinet.

The incident, which was captured on film at a shopping mall at Rockingham Park, New Hampshire, was shared on Facebook by Salem NH Police Department. Authorities are asking for help identifying the man, who is described as a "bearded Hispanic between 20 and 30 years old."

In the video—filmed by two young boys and modified by the police department to protect the children’s identity—the man is seen peering into the BarBerCut Lite arcade game. Bandai Namco’s machine uses two control buttons that move scissors, with the aim being to cut a string and drop the attached prizes, which are usually higher-value items than those found in traditional claw grabber cabinets.

We see the man removing a couple of prizes before a young girl appears from inside. A hostess at a restaurant opposite alerted security after hearing customers talking about the incident.

Hannah Forese, a hostess at the Red Robin restaurant, told The Union Leader that the man “grabbed multiple prizes,” but she only saw a “Nintendo Switch and a Gameboy DS [presumably a Nintendo 3DS].”

Police are asking anyone recognizing the man, who was also accompanied by a boy aged between 5 – 7 years old, to contact them on Facebook or call Detective Joshua Dempsey.