Bottom line: We've known for some time now that Elon Musk's "flamethrower" isn't a true flamethrower (It's called Not A Flamethrower, after all) but to get a real sense of just how much of a novelty item it is, you need to see it perform alongside some true flamethrowers.

The Boring Company, the tunnel construction outfit Elon Musk founded in 2016, launched a unique fundraising campaign earlier this year in which it sold "flamethrowers" at $500 a pop. Legally dubbed Not A Flamethrower (and technically, it's not - it's just a roofing torch with an air rifle cover), Musk managed to sell 20,000 copies in less than four days, resulting in a quick $10 million.

To prove just how much of a flamethrower it isn't, earlier this month took the device out along with some proper flamethrowers to create a comparison video. As you'll see, The Boring Company's gadget truly is a novelty in terms of performance compared to the real deal.

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